Engagement Rings:Contemporary

Style:ER369F ~ Simple and elegant is what best describes this engagement ring with a round brilliant cut semi-bezel set diamond.
Style:ER427 R684 ~ Black diamonds give what could have been a traditional engagement ring a very updated look.
Style:LRM775 ~ Setting this marquis diamond sideways gives a whole new look to this engagement ring.
Style:LRO60B ~  A simply stated18k yellow gold engagement ring  with an oval bezel set brilliant cut diamond.
Style:ER317 ~  A contemporary semi bezel set round diamond engagement ring.
Style:LRO73B-R605 ~ A brilliant oval blue sapphire with diamonds set in 14k white gold.
Style:ER414B ~ Diamonds bezel set in curlicues.
Style: ER369E A beautiful and simply stated flowing engagement ring in yellow gold.
Style:ER413 ~ Simple, elegant lines set off this round brilliant diamond in a platinum engagement ring.
Style:ER400 ~ A brilliant princess cut diamond, bezel set catty-cornered in platinum for a unique look.