Engagement Rings:Color

Style:LRO69B ~ A halo of diamonds surround this brilliant oval blue sapphire.
Style: LRO82.R536 ~ A brilliant oval blue sapphire, set in a semi-bezel with diamonds and white gold.
Style:ER425B ~ A stunning magenta sapphire sits in a scalloped bezel with bead set diamonds.
Style:ER429 ~ A cushion cut blue sapphire with a halo of diamonds.
Style: LRM784R537 ~ This oval blue sapphire is set off with a pretty pattern of diamonds.
Style:LRR70 ~ A round blue sapphire bezel set with side bead set diamonds.
Style:LRS640 ~ An emerald cut blue topaz set in white gold with bead set diamonds.
Style:LRO96  An oval aquamarine surrounded by a halo of diamonds.
Style:LRO88 ~ This oval blue sapphire is surrounded by white gold and diamonds.
Style:LRM784.R713 ~ Diamonds set in a beautiful scallop shape setting surround a round blue sapphire.