Style:E153~Gorgeous vintage look platinum, tanzanite and diamond earrings.
Style:E279F110 ~ Aquamarine and white gold earrings
Style:E151~ Twining leaf shapes of diamonds and white gold earrings.
Style: EAR78 ~ Art deco style sapphire and diamond earrings.
Style: E320 ~ Tourmalated Quartz set in sterling silver make dynamic earrings.
Style:E334~ Blue Chalcedony Druzzy set in Sterling Silver
Style:E32 ~ Beautiful Moon Stones and diamonds set in sterling silver with 18k yellow gold.
Style:EAR67 ~ These earrings feature unique yellow labradorites set in 18k yellow gold with tsvaorite garnets.
Style:E263 ~ Moonscape Series moonstones set in Sterling silver with oxidation
Style:E233 ~ Orange Chalcedony set in 18k yellow gold make striking earrings.